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Animation is a pretty interesting field and its mastery can help you to create digital magic. There is a wide variety of animation tasks that can range from pretty basic to advance. You can search and download a lot of cool animation software like CreateStudio that can provide you with advanced animation features that will be very useful as a professional in the field.

A lot of people want to use animation tools casually and simply have a bit of fun with animated characters. There are a lot of basic tools in the market as well that can be used for minor animations.

The following are some of the most basic animation features that every tool must definitely have.

It should allow 2D as well as 3D designing

One of the first things that a basic animation tool should have is the ability to work in both 2D and 3D spaces. You should be able to create both models with ease so that you can decide which one suits your character in a better way. Make sure that you get features like shadow and light adjustment for creating 3D models otherwise your animated clips will look bland.

Inbuilt assets

A lot of animation and editing software have asset stores that contain presets for different things. In order to make the work of an animator easier, it is important to make sure that the animation software has got various assets for faces, hairstyles, eyes, clothing, etc. for making it easier for the users to create a character as per their liking.

Create effects

You should be able to create your own visual as well as sound effects for explosions, sparks, or rain in your animated clip by using the animation tools. The ability to create these effects in your own system will result in a better quality of videos.